What To Do Against a Hangover? – Tips for Overcoming and Reducing the Hangover Effects.

Head like a pumpkin, slurred speech, nausea? Like to go out and enjoy your evenings, but would like to avoid the heavy hangovers? This article is for you!

Why was the hangover? 

We all know the feeling of sticky mouth, thirst, head ready to explode: the hangover that almost makes us regret the previous evening!

The culprit? The metabolism of alcohol, that is to say, the mechanism of degradation of alcohol. Indeed, when drunk, the alcohol is converted by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase to acetaldehyde, 30 times more toxic than the alcohol. This compound increases the production of free radicals, bad for the body. Acetaldehyde should be eliminated. Its elimination is via the urine and requires water will be collected in our cells into the blood to be transported to the kidneys where it will enter into the constitution of the urine to excrete the toxic substance. This explains the great thirst waking and terrible headache due to dehydration but also in the brain that causes alcohol deficit narrows small cerebral vessels.

The more we drink the more this is toxic substance is produced which can not necessarily be excreted as quickly as it is produced. It is stored, resulting in nausea and vomiting. These are also increased by the toxic effects of alcohol on the stomach.

Fatigue, in turn, is due to the high activity of the liver in detoxification of alcohol, and also can be the lack of sleep last night. 😉

What to do to prevent a hangover? 

15 reasons why we should drink more water thru the evening:

– Eat to reduce the toxic effect on the stomach. It also helps prevent hypoglycemia, caused by alcohol intake.

Some recommended foods: 

– Fatty foods like cheese slows the absorption of alcohol, that is to say the passage of alcohol in the blood. The effects of alcohol will quickly feel less and less violently, that does not mean you have to drink more to compensate that!

– Garlic and onion have anti free radical properties to fight against the production of free radicals caused by acetaldehyde. Not terrible, however breath!

– Consuming the prickly pear before excessive drinking relieves nausea, lack of appetite and dry mouth the in next morning.

During the evening: 

– Drink a glass of water along the drink to prevent dehydration and to help the elimination of acetaldehyde.

Before going to bed: 

– Drink a large glass of water.

What to do to soothe a hangover? 

Waking after tough night? Here are some tips to help yourself: 

– Take acetaminophen for pain, but not aspirin which interferes with the metabolism of alcohol and slows the removal of it, or ibuprofen which adds to the adverse effects of alcohol on the stomach.
– No smoking: the vasoconstrictor effect of smoking increases the migraine.
– Take a good breakfast, preferably balanced. Nothing better to fight against nausea than fill your stomach.

What to eat to appease the hangover? 

Banana fights against hangovers due to its richness in vitamin B6. It also helps to re-balance the fluid cell electrolytes providing potassium.
Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium which helps the transmission of nerve impulses and thus relieve migraine (or head like a pumpkin ;)).
– Cayenne pepper has anti migraine virtues. It allows the body to adjust to the pain and triggers the release of endorphins.
Tuna contains an enzyme unpronounceable name (alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase) that helps in the elimination of alcohol. May not be the first obvious choice to swallow when you wake up thou!
Rosemary improves cerebral blood flow and has anti oxidant properties. Perfect for eliminating free radicals and headache!
Juice or ginger tea relieves feeling sick, if eating before not to irritate the stomach.


Two drops of essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita) under the tongue, 3 times a day, avoid vomiting due to its anti spasmodic effect. It also gives you a more sympathetic breath. A drop on each temple can also relieve the headache.

Why is it so important to drink plenty of water? This article is one of the reasons why we should moisturize ourselves well.


Drinking water does not decrease the alcohol or help you to sober up faster. Flush your face with  fresh  cold water to wake you up a little, but this does not reduce the alcohol content in your body. The only way to reduce the alcohol is to let the time pass and  let the liver do its job!

To avoid a hangover, the best thing to do is to drink in moderation after all… 🙂

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