The Truth about Processed Foods, How to Cleanse your system!

The history of processed foods dates back to the pre-modern ages when crude food processing involved slaughtering, sun drying, fermenting and salt preserving. Those days, natural methods were used to lengthen the shelf life of foodstuffs for soldiers, marines and travelers.

Today, processed foods have become the order of the day. The various procedures involved in food processing offer several advantages and disadvantages as well.

Processed foods have played a great role in boosting food marketability and preservation. Food is nowadays available all year long since there are very low cases of food spoilage. Processing greatly reduces the risk of food borne diseases and has highly developed the food market.

Limitations Of Processed Foods

Despite the obvious advantages of processed foods, they have very many drawbacks. The processing process reduces the nutritional quantity of food depending on the method used. Most canned foods are treated by heating which destroys vitamin C among other nutrients. Processed foods also endanger the balance of the human body system and can lead to body complications. More than 80% of processed foods include food additives such as sweeteners, stabilizers and preservatives.

These additives possess potential damage to our body systems. Sugars are dangerous to diabetic people. Fats increase blood cholesterol levels while salts and other materials introduce toxins to the body. The human body is not meant to deal naturally with chemical products and hence its health is negatively affected by food processing.

More than 90% of obesity cases are caused by processed foods and fries. Obesity can lead to heart diseases at its advanced stages. Children who frequently take processed foods have low brain development since they lack essential nutrients that are only found in unprocessed foods. As a result of low calcium and other essential nutrients in processed foods, the elderly are faced with the risk of bone nutrient deficiency ad low immune systems.


You can fight processed foods by promoting consumption of natural unprocessed foods. Such foods are healthy and pose no negative effect on our bodies. You can purchase vegetables at the local market or even produce some in your backyard. Vegetables do not require a lot of attention to grow and can do well with little maintenance.

Cleansing The Body

Cleansing the body helps to boost mental clarity, body energy and pain relief. It promotes weight loss and helps prevent diseases.

Body cleansing methods

Make Water Your Choice Drink. 

There is nothing that cleanses the human body like water. It keeps flushing out toxins all day and keeps your body hydrated. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to maintain a detoxified body.

Avoid Heavy Toxin Foods

Heavy toxin foods are those foods that contain materials that are difficult for the body to process. These include sugars, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, saturated fats and caffeine.

Eat A Lot Of Greens

Most green vegetables contain cleansing agents which are very beneficial to the human system. Foods such as broccolis, kales and spinach are rich in vitamin C, K and A which are important for body and skin health.

– Cleansing with Fasting And Exercise

If you need to get rid of toxins from your body, you need to do a lot of exercise. Cleansing fasts help you to give the body some time to deal with toxins without adding new ones.

Follow these simple tips and tricks!! And see the results in your health reports. Before you plan to amaze your doctor. Check if you have applied for your ehic renewal.

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