The ‘Fashionable’ Industry Of Supplements And Health Foods

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The fashion industry has always been attributed to trends and fads. Yet the health industry has also joined with the fashion industry. It seems like every week there’s some sort of miracle product appearing on the market. And it’s only helping to confuse consumers. Anyone who wants to get healthy must wade through mountains of articles and reviews on this and that product.

Here’s your guide to dealing with the industry of health supplements and health foods.

Ignore the Media

The media is designed to cause a stir. They sensationalize practically everything to do with supplements and health foods. The next product is either going to be something revolutionary or something catastrophic. There’s nothing between these two things. Stay away from the mainstream media.
The best thing you can do is to find out about new products through independent websites where opinions are more honest. The less journalistic creativity involved the better.

Understand the Origins

Products are often touted as brand new. There are few instances where the product is actually new, though. The majority of them have been in existence for many years now. Take Garcinia Cambogia as a recent example. This is a supplement that has been endorsed by celebrities as the latest little miracle.
Yet doctors know better. They’re well-aware this has been a weight loss supplement for many years now. It’s only lacked the mainstream attention, but the media naturally want to promote it as something entirely new.

Many of the supplements you see in the news today are older products. You should be especially wary of genuinely new supplements. The chances are they haven’t been tested or approved by the FDA yet.
In short, during your research you should stick to the tried and tested supplements. There’s a reason they’ve lasted so long without being debunked.

The Horror Stories

Occasionally, there will be uproar about a supplement found to have dangerous side effects. The reports will come complete with people who have sustained serious damage from taking those supplements.
What people have to remember is many of these supplements were never approved by the FDA, or studied to any great degree. Much of the science will have come from a small number of cherry-picked studies of questionable origin.

Furthermore, these people didn’t do their research before taking them. They blindly believed the marketing hype and paid for it. It’s why we can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to complete proper research.

What You Should Do

With these things in mind, let’s establish exactly how you should confront the media circus surrounding this industry when you’re looking to choose a selection of supplements and health foods:

  1. Do your research. Nothing should pass your lips without having spent hours looking into the validity of the product.
  2. Never buy anything that hasn’t been approved by the FDA, or a major drug regulatory body in a country like the UK or Australia.
  3. Ignore what the media says and thinks. They’re designed to cause ripples across society by over exaggerating everything and highly distorting the facts.


This guest post is contributed by Rachel Channing. She is a passionate blogger who writes articles on a myriad of topics. She tells her readers to try out the garcinia cambogia extract in order to lose weight without harming your body.

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