Teeth Whitening: At Home Or At The Dentist?

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So you have finally gotten to that stage in life where your teeth have began showing the tell-tale signs of wear and tear over the years. Discoloration cracks, heck even stains from cigarettes or coffee can really affect the quality of your smile. In recent time we have started seeing most aggressive dental whitening products hitting the market with promises of a brighter smile within just seven days.

I like countless others, I assume, have tried products like these in the past with mixed results. Sometimes you would notice an incredible difference and sometimes not. This is incredibly infuriating for a product that is arguably unneeded. Yet for some the goal of whiter teeth is something that must be obtained regardless of practicability or costs. In this article I intend to find out if it’s worth saving the trip to the dentist and using at home products or if you are simply better off spending an hour or so at the dentist and paying a bit more all at once in order to get fabulous work done.

At Home Products

We would all rather be in control of our own treatments and rituals and such is the convenience of over the counter at home products. While these products have drastically changed our standard of living it has not been without problems. We often do not get the same quality in these at home products as we would find in a professional setting. Still for those products that do manage to achieve such high quality the impact on our lives is dramatic.

So at the end of the day what is the run down on at home teeth whitening kits? First of all its been reported that these kits often cause increased sensitivity, obscuring cavities, flaky results, and stains that end up requiring a dentist to get them removed. These cons are all rather inconvenient for most folks yet the fact that these products manage to work at all creates high demand regardless of the issues. When looking at the products compared to the work you would find in a professional setting it becomes even more difficult to recommend going through the process of applying these strips to your teeth each morning in order to get a moderately better and inconsistent smile.

Dentist Office

You like many other people out there may have negative feelings about setting up appointments with any doctor. The thoughts of cost, time, and inconvenient treatment programs run through your head like sheep over a fence at bed time. Still like others that want a whiter smile you cannot help but wonder how much better the results would be in such a setting. The reality is that while the cost may be higher upfront it’s an infrequent cost that you won’t be paying over and over again each and every week. The quality of work is far better, and you do not run the risk of covering up cavities that could result in seemingly random bouts of pain later down the road. All in all I recommend going to a professional if you want your teeth spruced up.


Eduardo Dieguez is a blog writer for www.MaasDental.com in Apopka, Florida. Eduardo is a 1st generation American born Cuban that is currently in pursuit of his AA Degree at Valencia.

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  1. paul jose December 23, 2013 8:08 am Reply

    Useful information shared, I am very happy to read this article.These products are so effective that give you whiter tooth very fast with very little amount of time and money.


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