Taurine – What is Taurine, How it Acts and What are Its Health Benefits.

Taurine health benefits

taurine chemical structure

Taurine health benefits for the body.

– Fight against chronic fatigue , anxiety and depression ;
– Increases alertness and resistance to stress ;
– Relaxes blood vessels;
– Inhibits the formation of blood clots ;
– Encourages good contractility of the heart;
– Reduces blood pressure ;
– Increases the physical capacity of patients with heart failure;
– Reduces breathlessness on exertion ;
– Promotes muscle recovery ;
, Stimulates the production of bile salts and fat digestion ;
– Protects against the harmful effects of hypochlorous acid

What is taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid containing sulfur . Its name comes from the Latin ” taurus ” which means “bull” . Taurine is naturally produced in the body from the L- methionine and L -cysteine. It is present in all human tissues but particularly in the brain , retina , and myocardium . Taurine is essentially contributed by diet (fish, shellfish , meat) .

Why you should take taurine?

Taurine maintains cardiovascular health.

Friend of the heart and arteries, taurine reduces the thickness of artery walls , relaxes blood vessels and reduces the formation of blood clots . Particularly important for the health of smooth muscle cells of the aorta (the largest artery in the body ) , taurine boosts the production of nitric oxide, powerful natural vasodilator. This results in a better blood flow throughout the organism and especially, to the cardiac muscle .

Taurine promotes good heart contractility , reduces breathlessness on exertion and increases physical abilities of patients with heart failure. According to clinical studies , oral administration of taurine (3 g / day for 8 weeks) reduces blood pressure (systolic and diastolic ) in 65 % of hypertensive patients without any side effects or any addiction.


Taurine helps with the digestion of fats and reduces cholesterol .

Taurine stimulates the production of bile salts to emulsify fat loaded in the diet . Therefore , it accelerates digestion of lipids and prevents excessive accumulation of fat in the liver ( hepatic steatosis ) . Furthermore , taurine increases the solubility of cholesterol and accelerates its excretion by more natural means. This amino acid may be useful as a powerful natural hypocholestérimiant .

Taurine promotes alertness , sleep and mood.

The molecular structure of taurine is very similar to that of GABA , a neurotransmitter essential calmness and serenity. His contribution is particularly important in case of permanent fatigue, intellectual overload or anxiety attack. By its calming effect , taurine reduces vulnerability to stress and protects its adverse consequences. In addition , taurine reduces tremors due to fatigue and significantly increases alertness .

Taurine boosts energy and physical power.

Molecule athletic performance , taurine promotes muscle recovery after an intense workout . Significantly reducing the amount of ammonia , lactic acid and other “waste” products during exercise , taurine prevents the onset of muscle soreness and cramps. On the other hand , taurine allows the muscles to store more glycogen , their main fuel.

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