Strawberries Health Benefits: Interesting Facts About This Healthy and Tasty Delight.

Strawberry has proven to be one of the healthiest fruits that one can think of including in their daily diet. Strawberries are very popular types of berry fruits available in the world. More than six hundred varieties of strawberries are available and they vary in texture, size and flavor.

The peak season of cultivation of strawberries is usually from April to July, though they are available throughout the year. The strawberries are famous for its red-coloured flesh, and it has small seeds, which pierces its surface. The fruit also has a small green-colored leafy cap and a stem that adorns the crown section. It provides a variety of benefits, as they are very rich in different kinds of vitamins and minerals and fights against cancer and different cardiovascular diseases.

Strawberries Health Benefits

•    Fights against cancer:

The various kinds of anti-oxidants and several anti-inflammatory agents present in strawberry fight against different forms of cancers. The vitamin C content and folate contained in the strawberries prevents cancer. The flavonoids such as the kaempferol and quercitin also defences the harmful cancerous cells.

•    Helps in dental care:

When cut into two halves, these fruits can be rubbed against the teeth or the gums. This rubbing removes the required tartar, and strengthens and heals the gums in the damaged part. The juice of the fruits should remain on teeth for a long time so that the tartar can be well-dissolved. This is a great method for dental care.

•    Anti-oxidants are present:

Chemical compound called phenols are present in strawberries. Among these phenols, anthocyanin renders the red colour of the strawberries. It is a known fact that when foods rich in anthocyanin are consumed, it increases the uric acid level of the body and this in turn serves as anti-oxidant agents. It is also rich source of vitamin C which itself is a natural anti-oxidant. These anti-oxidants increase the resistance power of the body against harmful effects of free radicals.

•    Rich source of minerals:

Strawberry is a very rich source of minerals. It consists of manganese, which is one very essential nutrient. It acts both as an important anti-inflammatory and as an anti-oxidant agent and reduces the chances of various kinds of cellular diseases. It acts as the cofactor of the anti-oxidant enzyme, superoxide-dismutase. It also consists of potassium, which controls the rate of heartbeat and blood pressure. The copper content of the strawberries are also used for red blood cell production. On the other hand, strawberries also consist of fluoride, which is a component of bone and teeth and prevents various kinds of dental related crisis.

Thus, the health benefits of strawberry stand justified.

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  1. Jesika Mery May 9, 2013 10:54 am Reply

    Strawberries contain many ingrediants that are very beneficial of dental health. Thanks.

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