Spring Break Butterflies – A Kids Theme Project

Butterfly CraftSpring is in the air. The snow is melting, flowers are blooming, and the days are getting longer. You blinked, and the winter months have come and gone. Chances are your children’s spring break is right around the corner. To a kid spring break means a week of nice weather, relaxation, and fun. To a parent it means entertaining and organizing.

Don’t let spring break stress you out. With these fun activities your kids will have a blast and stay entertained for hours!

DIY Spring Butterflies

Nothing says springtime like butterflies. These butterflies are inexpensive to make- all you need is a little creative inspiration! You may even have the tools you need laying around the house. This craft is easy to make for any age group.

What You’ll Need


  1. Take 2 coffee filters and flatten them out.
  2. Draw creative designs on both coffee filters.
  3. Fold both coffee filters accordion style.
  4. Use your fingers to sprinkle water over each folded coffee filter.
  5. Stack the coffee filters on top of one another.
  6. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the filters and tie it.
  7. Spread the filter out to create the wings.


  • Be careful not to overdo it while sprinkling the water! Coffee filters are thin and rip easily.
  • Glue magnets to the back and you will have a butterfly magnet!
  • This can get messy- you may want to lay some newspaper down.

Butterfly Coffee FilterButterfly Colored Coffee FiltersButterfly Colored Filters FoldedButterfly Craft Colored Filter StackedButterfly Craft AntennaeButterfly Crafts

Road Trip Butterfly Treats

You don’t actually have to take a road trip to enjoy this delicious snack. They are perfect for any occasion! Kids will have a blast helping make this cute, yummy treat. They are easy to store too. Just break out the plastic container, line them up along the bottom, and stick it in your cooler bag. Once you are done creating your beautiful butterfly masterpieces, stick with the theme and try out these tasty treats!

Know the Nutrients

This snack is packed with protein thanks to peanut butter. Peanut butter has 7 grams of protein in a 2- tablespoon serving. It is also a source of phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin B-6, niacin, and zinc. Apples are also high in fiber and vitamin C, which can lower blood pressure amongst many other health benefits. 

Butterfly Treat Ingredients Butterfly Treat Peanut Butter And Celery Butterfly Treat Peanut Butter Wings  Butterfly Treats With Celery And Peanut Butter

Road Trip Butterfly Treats

Simple, cute, and fun... Enjoy making these treats with the kiddos.


  • celery
  • peanut butter
  • M&M’s
  • apple slices or pretzels

What You’ll Need

  • knife


  • Chop the celery into 3-inch pieces.
  • Thinly slice the apples.
  • Spread the peanut butter evenly on the celery slices (just like traditional peanut butter and celery).
  • Stick the apple slices skin down into the peanut butter.
  • Pick your favorite M&M color and use that for your butterfly’s eyes!


Try substituting pretzels for apples and raisins for M&M’s. YUM!


Spring Break CrosswordBreak up the break with these engaging, creative activities! Once you have butterfly magnets on your fridge and treats in your stomach what could be more fun than a spring break themed crossword puzzle? Download the PDF, print, and you are ready to go. Click on the following link for the downloadable! Spring Break Crossword


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