Sleep Problems And Solutions – When Your Husband’s Snoring Becomes Impossible

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Has going to bed at night with your husband transformed into a race to fall asleep first? It may seem like a race because once the snoring begins, it is impossible to fall asleep. Sure, you love your husband, but you certainly do not love his snoring. The fact is he may not have much control over his snoring, so he will need some help in the process. It will take some time before you are able to get rid of the snoring, as there are different factors that affect different people, so it is crucial that you figure out why your husband is snoring to determine the solution to his snoring.

When the throat’s airway is restricted during sleep, snoring occurs. This restriction can then trigger the nasal passage and the throat tissues to vibrate which produces snoring sounds. Here are the common causes of snoring and what can be done to treat them.

Muscle elasticity is lost when weight is gained and every part of the body including the throat is affected. The throat tissue can become loose and result in snoring. As such, the best way for your husband to stop snoring is by going on a diet and start exercising, to restore muscle tone and control snoring.

  • Sinusitis

Whenever the sinuses are inflamed or stuffy, it is tough for air to pass through the nasal passage resulting in never ending snores. If your husband’s problem is his sinuses, then you can get him to use a nasal decongestant an hour before bed time.

  • Age

He might not have been a snorer in the past, but snoring has become a major issue these days. If this is the case, your husband might have age related snoring issues. The cause of this is similar to the effects of weight gain, as the muscles of the throat start to relax and become less toned. The only solution to this is to try easing the snores by keeping him away from dairy and soy products before bed time, as well avoiding heavy meals. You should also invest in a humidifier to maintain moist air in the room to prevent the throat tissue from drying out.

  • Large Adenoids

This soft spongy tissue located under your tonsils is larger in children, but some adults find that they have large adenoids too. If your husband’s adenoids are enlarged or swollen, his snoring will be a problem. The solution to this is a medical procedure to remove the adenoids which will stop the snoring.

  • Sleeping Position

Sleeping positions also play a major role in snoring problems. When your husband sleeps on his back he will have a higher chance to snore. Get him to change positions in the middle of the night to help ease the snoring. In the event that he completely stops snoring while on his side, then this is his snoring trigger. This may seem difficult, but you only have to help him make it a habit. Invest in a wedge to place behind his back or click here to find a suitable mattress that can help sleep on his side.

  • Alcohol And Drug Consumption

Some prescribed drugs contain ingredients that relax muscles throughout the body. So, if your husband begun snoring the same time he starting taking those medications, then the drugs are the reason behind your sleepless nights. His doctor may be able to prescribe another medication without any snoring side effects. Alcohol consumption also leads to muscle relaxation and snoring, but this can be prevented by avoiding alcohol 3 to 4 hours prior to bed time.


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