Relapse Prevention: As Important As Beating The Problem Itself

Learn the importance of relapse prevention for those who have gone through rehab.

Obviously managing to overcome any addiction is a massive achievement and indeed people should be congratulated for doing so. However, managing to beat that drug or alcohol problem is only the start of what will be a continuous road for the rest of your life as the same issues could always arise once again in the future should people run into problems. This is why relapse prevention is so important and at drug rehab you will be given the appropriate tools to lower the chances of relapsing ever happening to you.

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Prevention Program for You

When it comes to relapse prevention, the main thing is that it is a very personalized program that you will be on because clearly your addiction and the reasons behind it in the first place are going to be unique to you. By creating something just for one person it does increase the chances of you not relapsing at some point in the future as we do not all fit into the one box and nor do all of the answers apply to everybody at the same time.

One of the main issues that it will look at are the different triggers that affect you, so clearly the plan for you is going to be tailored towards avoiding those triggers. Learning about them takes time and involves you talking to a drug or alcohol counselor who will listen to what you have to say and determine the points where you feel as if your only option is to take that substance.

New Mind New Lifestyle

The preventative part can often depend on largely reprogramming your brain as it is set in the way of taking that drug or drinking that alcohol in order to deal with certain problems. In all honesty it becomes second nature and the person is no longer aware of actually doing it, so to prevent them from relapsing it does mean that their brain has to be re-tuned to allow them to see that this is not the answer to all of their problems.

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 This relapse prevention actually starts from the moment you walk into rehab as everything that is done from then on in is designed to stop you just walking out of that door and back into your old way of life.

Medication to help with the withdrawal symptoms, counseling to help talk through your issues, psychotherapists to deal with the psychological side of thing, alternative therapists that will help ease your stress levels, all of them have one thing in common and that thing is stopping you from relapsing.

Living Free From Relapse

Relapse prevention plays an integral role in making sure that you do indeed beat your addiction and then continue to stay clean for the rest of your life. Believing that just because you have been to rehab means you are cured is wrong as the same problems that led to you going there in the first place still exist and they need to be tackled or they can cause problems at any point in your life. Get a tailor made relapse prevention plan from your rehab center and look forward to continuing to have a better life and one that is free from addiction issues.

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By Henry H. Hernandez

Henry Hernandez is a counselor Orange County, CA where he lives with his family. Henry has counseled many recovering addicts. Henry works for a detox and rehab center Henry is on Google+.
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