9 Important Health Benefits of Tomatoes, Revealed!

If the Italians swear by their rich tasting tomato juice that they add to most creations, cuisines in the Indian sub-continent seem to be incomplete without tomatoes in them. Such is the allure and indispensability of tomatoes the world over.

Tomatoes come in many different varieties, sizes and colors. Irrespective of their physical differences, this vegetable (technically, it is supposed to be a fruit!) features an extensive range of nutrients thus making it a crucial aspect of any healthy diet.


Tomato Health Benefits

The nine major health benefits of tomatoes are discussed below:

Healthy Skin – Unknown to many; lycopene found in tomatoes also happens to be one of the major substances found in expensive skin care products such as application creams, face wash etc. However, this advantage is reduced manifold when the skin of the tomato is peeled off and only the pulp is consumed. As a result, tomato peels prove to be a natural and rather effective skin treatment technique used by beauticians around the globe.

Improved Vision – Tomatoes are loaded with vitamin-A, and are therefore considered to be a good option for improving optic health. Vitamin-A is required by the retinas to help it process visuals under low light conditions. That is why deficient quaintly of the vitamin in your body leads to a vision problem known as night blindness.

Countering The Effect of Smoking – Nitrosamines are a class of carcinogens found in cigarette smoke. In that respect, two specific chemical components namely chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid are found in tomatoes that efficiently fight off the harmful effects of nitrosamines. So, while tomatoes cannot undo all the harm done to your body from smoking, it can however protect against this particular cancer causing chemical.

Good For Your Heart – Studies have shown how regular consumption of tomatoes can impact cholesterol production in the body therefore help in managing the lipid. Lycopene found in tomatoes perform remarkable well in decreasing the bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood, thereby reducing the risks faced from heart complications associated with cholesterol and general aggregation of blood cells.

Cancer Fighting Abilities – Studies undertaken by different groups to understand the effect of the juicy red vegetable on various types of cancers have yielded some rather encouraging albeit slightly unsubstantiated results. For instance, tomatoes seem to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men owing to the presence of a phytochemical namely, alpha-tomatine in them.

Hypertension Prevention Hypertension is a condition caused when the blood pressure increases beyond a certain limit. Not taking remedial measures in time can result in the condition bellowing out of control and resulting in cardiac arrest, brain seizure, kidney failure and arterial bursts and even blindness. In that respect, tomatoes turn out to be an excellent choice for managing blood pressure and reducing the effect of hypertension.

Fights Against Gallstones and Urinary Tract Infections – A natural remedy for kidney stones and gallstones is to increase consumption of seedless tomatoes. This is due to the fact that chemicals present in tomato pulp can actually dissolve the sedimentary aggregations that cause these problems in the first place. A similarly positive effect of the vegetable is also noticed with urinary tract infections.

Diabetes Control – There is enough proof to suggest that tomatoes can actually be beneficial in arresting the effects of type II diabetes. Given that tomatoes contain a healthy quantity of chromium, patients suffering from the disease are advised to consume a tomato juice to manage their condition.

Promotes Bone Health – Lycopene in tomatoes does play an important role in keeping bones healthy. The chemical reduces oxidative stress in bones and ensures unwanted changes don’t occur in the bone tissue. In addition, the fair amount of calcium and vitamin-K content in tomatoes also encourage healthy bones in individuals. Together, all these components slow down the advance of osteoporosis (bone weakening condition) in women who have reached menopause.

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