L- tyrosine – an essential amino acid with important role in our body

L- tyrosine chemical structure

Why is L- tyrosine so important and what are its health role and benefits?

– essential for the production of thyroid hormones ;
– improves memory and concentration ;
– relieves anxiety and anxiety ;
– facilitates weight loss ;
– promotes sleep ;
– contributes to the regulation of blood pressure;
– part to the color of the skin and hair;
– stimulates the secretion of growth hormone ;
– fight against chronic fatigue

L- tyrosine is an amino acid precursor of thyroid hormones , catecholamines ( epinephrine, norepinephrine ) , neurotransmitters (dopamine ) and melanin (the pigment that colors the skin ) . In the body it can be synthesized from phenylalanine, except in cases of phenylketonuria.

L- tyrosine is particularly important for memory, attention and concentration skills , alertness and energy. The reduction of L- tyrosine leads to depression, mental fatigue , slowing metabolism and hypersomnia .

L- Tyrosine is used by the thyroid gland to produce an important hormone , thyroxine , which governs a large number of metabolic functions and growth. Patients with impaired thyroxine often suffer the following symptoms: excessive overweight, cold hands and feet , fatigue and slow metabolism . L- tyrosine ensure proper functioning of the thyroid and is therefore indicated in cases of hypothyroidism .

Precursor of adrenaline and noradrenaline, L- tyrosine prevents the appearance of deficiency symptoms catecholamines decrease the perception of visual contrasts and concentration , decreased appetite , loss of libido , decreased capacity of memory and mental fatigue. It can also relieve stress-related adverse effects .

Preliminary findings indicate a beneficial effect of L- tyrosine with other amino acids , for people affected by dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. L- tyrosine seems to have a stimulating effect on brain activity .

L- tyrosine is converted by skin cells into melanin , the dark pigment that protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. The color of the skin, hair and eyes in humans mainly depend on the type and concentration. Without this amino acid, skin protection would be seriously compromised .

L- tyrosine may help athletes overtraining , due to its capacity to fight against fatigue.

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