How To Transition Your Family Into Better Oral Health

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If you have gone through the trouble of upgrading your home oral care, you may be wondering how best to encourage your family to get on that pathway with you.
Well, you can start by making sure that your whole family has access to the products which will provide better oral health care results.

That may sound pretty expensive at first, but if you do some savvy online shopping, you and your family can start using more effective oral hygiene products right away.

Ionic Toothbrushes

Television commercials only promote rinses and toothpastes for plaque reduction and prevention. A little known tool with a small price tag is very effective in plaque control; an ionic toothbrush. Brushing with an ionic toothbrush works to repel plaque to your teeth when used regularly.

This type of toothbrush actually turns off the magnetic attraction that plaque has to your teeth, making it easy to brush away much more plaque than with a conventional toothbrush.  It draws plaque out from hard to reach places in your mouth, which cuts down on flossing time.  Everyone in your family can easily get the hang of using this type of toothbrush, which makes transitioning your family to better oral health care a snap.

Some simple maintenance will extend the life of your family’s ionic toothbrushes; each toothbrush should have a snap-on toothbrush sanitizer, an inexpensive product that comes in packs of four.

They are easy to use and will help to keep everyone’s toothbrushes bacteria free during their recommended time of usage. You do not have to make a lot of complicated changes in order to upgrade home oral care for your household.

Tongue Cleaners

Having good quality tongue cleaners is also the key to having a good home oral care routine.  The best kinds are manufactured with stainless steel to prevent the buildup of bacteria. Once again, this is a low cost item to own, but one that can result in fewer trips to the dentists for problems down the line.

Many people neglect to address their tongues when brushing their teeth not realizing neglecting to do so is one of the major causes of bad breath. Proper tongue scraping should be a step in every trip to the bathroom sink.

Elasticized Dental Floss

We’ve been told to floss with dental floss for decades to remove food and plaque from between our teeth. Elasticized dental floss does this job best because it is gentle on the gums. When flossing causes pain and bleeding, the user is less inclined to floss on a regular basis. The comfort of the dental floss encourages more regular flossing behavior.

All three of the above oral hygiene products are low cost items that can help cut down on money spent down the line at dentists, oral surgeons and periodontists and set your family up for better oral health habits for the rest of their lives.

Although these items do eventually require replacement, they are affordable enough for a family of any income. Great oral health need not be limited to families with more disposable income; any family can afford to incorporate these simple items into their brushing routines and develop good habits to maintain healthier teeth for the rest of their lives.


Michael Kamen is the owner of several dental care websites and specializes in educating users how to improve their oral health care. You can follow him on Google+.

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  1. Meriam Webster January 6, 2014 12:49 pm Reply

    Mouth care includes brushing the teeth, flossing between them, and checking the inside of the mouth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy good food. Best way of mouth care is that brush your teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush and fluoride-containing toothpaste.

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