How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks sometimes appear during pregnancy. And you may wonder where do these small pink
streaks come from and how to avoid them? Then read the article bellow to find out.

What are these stretch marks, actually?

skin consists of 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the
hypodermis. Stretch marks are scars that are located at the level of the
dermis. They are caused by a rupture of the deep elastic areas of the
skin (collagen fibers) and are replaced by thinner fibres and often they get disorganized.
As soon as they appear, stretch marks form zebra like stripes purple-red
in color and slightly swollen.

Over time, they will become clear, will become nearly pearl white and will leave slightly crumpled scratches on your skin.
During pregnancy, stretch marks can appear from the 5th month, on the
belly, hips, thighs and breasts. There is no rule, but it seems that the
young skins, which are white and clear are more at risk.

Where are the stretch marks ?

tend to think that stretch marks are the result of too much distention of the skin. This is not the only reason. Our body secretes
more cortisol, a hormone that weakens the elastic fibers, in particular
the collagen. This is why stretch marks appear especially during these
periods of life. Namely : excessive weight gain enhances their
appearance. The action of cortisol is indeed facilitated by a too great
distension of the tissues. Be careful not to take pounds too quickly.

How to prevent stretch marks ?

Use Scrubs
on a regular basis. Even if the prevention is the best way to combat
these unsightly scratches, it is not 100% effective. Once a week, you
can replace your shower gel with a mild scrub. The skin breathes
better, which stimulates the penetration of the cream.
The key to a
good prevention is to massage with the right product, at the beginning
of the pregnancy, and up to 4 months of the baby. This promotes
micro-circulation and helps the skin to stretch gently. Use a special
anti-stretch marks or oil (sweet almond, argan). That is to say : the
sooner you start this little ritual, the more chance you have of passing
through these unsightly streaks. Also remember to drink plenty of
water. Finally, be vigilant, stretch marks should not be exposed to the

Can we do away with the stretch marks ?

Use a special cream twice
a day. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to make them go away.
However, if you  treats them when they are still red and puffy, you may be
able to get rid of them. You can then apply the
anti-stretch marks cream 2 times a day. Their size will decrease significantly, and their
color will change from red to white.

The medical solutions. If you
want to try them, it is necessary to wait for the birth and the end of
the breastfeeding period. Your dermatologist will prescribe you creams
with vitamin A, which is actually feels very irritating to the skin. You can also try doing sessions of vascular laser treatment. But the price is quite high : 150-200+ dollars and
the results can prove to be quite unsatisfactory.

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