Hops flowers – health benefits, nutritional information and chemical composition.

Hops flowers
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Health benefits of hops flowers.

Recommended in cases of insomnia, nervousness , anxiety, seasonal depression, appetite loss, menopausal disorders and involuntary(premature) ejaculation.

– Promotes fast falling asleep ;
– Improves quality of sleep;
– Decreases the frequency of nocturnal awakenings;
– Soothes early morning awakenings;
– Reduces nervousness ;
– Calms anxiety ;
– Relieves Winter Blues ;
– Gives appetite .

What are the hops flowers actually?

Once called the “wolf land ” or ” wood of the devil” , hops ( Humulus lupulus ) is a climbing vine that gives the beer its unique aroma and bitter taste. However, this plant has also featured prominently in ancient pharmacopoeias. Since the tenth century, the traditional medicine used to Overcome nervousness, anxiety and insomnia people anxious . Healers also extolling its narcotic properties , aperitif , digestive , diuretic and galactagogue . According to the Arabic treatises , a padded cushion hop ” quickly restores the sleep that was lost ,” ” removes transient depressed ” and ” tempers the heat of love ” as a soporific nature! Today, scientists have only to prove that ancient peoples knew for millennia.

The flowers  of  the “female” hops give dangling bells called cones or strobili . Rich in bitter substances ( lupulone , humulone ) , essential oils ( humulene ) , powerful antioxidants ( xanthohumol ) and phytoestrogens (8 – prenylnaringenine ), they have a multitude of beneficial properties for our health!

Apart from the sedative, calming and sleeping improving properties , bitter substances contained in hops improve digestion , stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and soothes inflamed gums . Xanthohumol , a major part of the substances in hops, can slow the deterioration of cartilage and combat pathogens (especially in cases of acne and periodontitis) . This would contribute to the selective destruction of cancer cells and prevent their proliferation . 8- prenylnaringenine the phytoestrogen isolated the most powerful to date, closely influences on the menstrual cycle. Producing similar to female hormones ( estrogens) effects, it is effective in the absence of rules, hot flashes and decreased sexual desire in women .

GOOD TO KNOW: The European Commission officially recognizes the use of hop flowers to combat agitation , anxiety and sleep disorders .

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