Homemade Laxative – Different Types and Ingredients of Laxatives for Curing Constipation.

Figs are known to have strong laxative effect
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A homemade laxative is a natural laxative(purgative). These laxatives are far better when compared to the commercial laxatives because they do not cause any kind of laxative dependency, and at the same time, these laxatives ensure colon health. In order to get relief from issues related to constipation, one can use laxatives as medicines.

Any kind of natural laxative is devoid of any side-effects, which can be very commonly seen in the commercial laxatives. These homemade laxatives are a natural cure against constipation.

Here are the main types of laxatives  that are available today:

Types of Laxatives for Curing Constipation

•    Saline laxatives:

These laxatives, also sometimes called osmotic laxative, are known for drawing extra fluid into the large intestine, which softens the stool and flushes out colon. The active component of this laxative is phosphate or magnesium, and thus, it can be very dangerous for people suffering from kidney failure. Milk of Magnesia is a very common example of saline laxative.

•    Bulk-forming laxatives:

This laxative draws water into the stool and makes the stool softer, larger and easier for passage. They are the only kind of laxative, which can be recommended for daily usage as they are considered the safest. Moreover, they work slowly and naturally stimulate the colon. Psyllium (Metamucil) and Methylcellulose (Citrucel) are few examples of the bulk-forming laxatives.

•    Stimulant laxatives:

These are the roughest of the types of laxatives as they make the bowel to contract when squeezing out the stool. When taken by suppository, these laxatives can work in about thirty minutes, but when taken in by mouth, they take seven hours to work. These laxatives should not be used for more than once in every three days. An example of the stimulant laxative is bisacodyl.

Ingredients for Homemade Laxatives

Laxative can be prepared at home by using very simple ingredients that are easily available at home. These can also help as a natural solution for losing excess weight but a natural laxative should not be frequently used for the weight loss purpose.

•    One of the most common ingredients used for making laxative at home is prune juice. The juice can be consumed in its own form or can be mixed with other beverages such as coffee or milk of magnesia for getting better results. This kind of mixture should be warmed up and then be consumed at night before going to bed.

•    Another very good homemade laxative is a mixture, which includes a quarter cup of pitted prunes, a quarter cup of raisins, a quarter cup of figs, one-quarter cup of dates or currants and finally, a quarter cup of prune concentrate. All these components should be blended by using a blender and then should be kept in the refrigerator. A daily dose of maximum four tablespoons should be consumed.

•    Licorice tea is also another good option.

•    Another mixture that can be used is half cup of senna tea mixed with two and a half cups of boiling water. Once the tea is drained, one ounce of figs, raisins and prunes are to be boiled in the tea for two minutes or so and after removing them, brown sugar and lemon juice should be added to make it into a smooth paste. This paste when consumed along with a toast makes a brilliant natural laxative.

So if you need help with cleansing of the bowel and want to prepare such remedy at home, then don’t worry, the homemade laxatives are very easy to prepare and works wonders for problems related to constipation.

Do you use such homemade laxatives? And if you do, please share your experience and useful tips in the comments bellow.

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  1. Annie Crenwood November 17, 2014 8:20 pm Reply

    I can say that, based on my lifestyle and experience almost everybody needs to take some kind of laxative either homemade or from the drugstore, at a given time in their life. And there are many factors that determine how often, if at all, you will need to take laxatives. Such factors are, stress, diet, habits, environment, etc…
    I myself use homemade laxatives that I prepare on my own, but not too often, only when I need to or when I am stressed in some way.

    So I definitely recommend the use of such laxatives and of course only when one needs them.

    Thanks for the useful article and keep up the good work.

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