Health Benefits of Raisins and Interesting Facts.

A Whole Of Goodness Actually Exists Under The Sugary Sweetness!

Historically, raisins have been known as the “Traveler’s Food” given that they rarely ever go bad and can be consumed as it is.  Today, even though raisins are predominantly used as taste enhancing additives in food and pastry preparations, you can still employ them as a tasty and healthy substitute for calorie-heavy snacks.


Fascinating Raisin Facts


When grapes are dehydrated either through baking in the sun or in an oven, the resultant product is a dry, wrinkly exterior with a soft yet chewy interior, known as raisins. At first chomp, raisins leave a current of sugary sweetness; an aspect that is unique to this class of dried fruits.

Currently, the most popular varieties of raisins that you can find in the market will include the likes of Sultana, Monukka, Malaga, Muscat, Zante Current and Thompson seedless.


How Raisins Can Benefit Your Body?


Raisins are not only great substitutes for nutrition and protein bars, but can also prove effective in counteracting a number of health conditions. Mentioned below are the most prominent benefits of raisins:

•    Weight Regulation: Resins are a warehouse of energy and sugars, like glucose and fructose. As such, they prove to be an excellent food choice for body-builders and athletes, looking to increase their weight while keeping the cholesterol content low. Besides, resins contain a number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, all of which help your body absorb proteins efficiently.

•    Constipation treatment: When resins enter the digestive system, the fiber in them swells up by absorbing water from nearby sources, thus increasing its overall presence. This helps regulate bowel movements and the dry fruit is therefore considered to be a natural purgative.

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•    Acid Regulation: A condition that occurs due to enhanced blood acidity in your circulatory system or acidic gas increase in the respiratory system is termed as acidosis. It acts a precursor to problems like skin diseases, hair loss, boils, arthritis, gout, tumors, heart complications and even cancer to a certain extent. To that end, two minerals namely magnesium and potassium found in raisins help in neutralizing the acidity in the body.

•    Bone Strength: Raisins are one of the best sources of boron and even contain a healthy amount of calcium in them. As a micro-nutrient (nutrients required in trace amounts), Boron plays an essential role in the absorption of calcium into bones thereby preventing osteoporosis (brittle bones), especially in women who have reached menopause.

•    Anti-Biotic Properties: Raisins contain an abundant amount of phenolic phytonutrients. These germicidal components exhibit excellent anti-biotic as well as anti-oxidant properties and therefore prove quite effective in fighting bacterial and viral infections that cause fever.

•    Teeth Care: Calcium present in raisins is a mineral that keeps the structural integrity of the teeth and enamel intact, and prevents the latter from breaking or peeling away. Chewing raisins is considered a good dental practice simply because its Oleanolic acid component prevents bacterial growth for the period that it remains on the teeth surface. Boron, another mineral found in raisins keeps the mouth free from germs while promoting healthy teeth.

•    Visual Health: Raisins contain a healthy dose of vitamin-A and carotenoids, both of which are known to benefit ocular (eye) health. In fact, your eyes need Vitamin-A to see properly under low light conditions. Furthermore, polyphenolic phytonutirents in the dry fruit are said to be efficient in controlling the effects of cataracts and age related vision degeneration.

•    Sexual Health: Arginine, a special type of amino acid present in raisins positively affects sexual drive. In India, it’s a practice to give milk mixed with resins and saffron to the bride and groom on their first night of marriage, as the combination is believed to enhance sexual arousal and stimulate libido.

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