Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water – 5 Benefits of This Natural Health Enhancing Beverage.

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Drinking lemon water is beneficial both for health and for beauty regime. Many times, we use a slice of lemon to decorate a glass of water. If we squeeze the same slice into our drink, it will benefit us a lot. Lemons have been a part of our staple food diet from the ancient times. Though primarily meant for consumption as a food product, it generally has a wide range of uses as beauty products, cleaning products, garnishing, and mixed drinks.

Used as natural remedy, lemon water has successfully given positive results in curing different ailments. However, the pasteurised(pasteurized) and the packaged form of lemon juices that we get in the supermarket stores do not heal any kind of ailment, because they are processed and most of the natural vitamins and nutrients contained in the lemon juice have been lost and this actually is happening with all processed fruit/vegetable juices we buy from the stores.

So whenever it’s possible, we have to make the juices ourselves, freshly prepared in our home and once the juice is made it have to be consumed as soon as possible – within 10 to 30 minutes the most.

The more the juice stays  in contact with the air on room temperature or higher and left unconsumed the more of its healthy and beneficial vitamins and nutrient elements fade away. If you still need to store the fresh juice for more than few minutes, then it is recommended to keep it in refrigerator preferably in an tightly closed container or bottle so the juice is not in contact with air, which will spoil the juice quicker.

Water is a very vital part of our body system. One cannot imagine survival without water. When the two combines, we get lemon water. Lemon water is lemonade, that does not have sugar added in it. It is much healthier than the lemonade, which we drink more often. One must combine the pulp and the juice from the lemon if he or she wants to derive the maximum benefits from it. The resultant water will look cloudy and bits of lemons will be floating inside it. Lemon water provides innumerable benefits to the body.

Health Benefits From Drinking Lemon Water

•    Helps in proper digestion:

Lemon provides quick relief to different indigestion problems such as cramping, gas, burning sensation in the heart, bloating and many others. A drink of lemon water cleanses the bowel and this in turn relieves diarrhoea(diarrhea) and constipation. A teaspoon lemon juice mixed in half a glass of water also relieves heartburn caused by indigestion to a great deal. It is always advisable to mix lemon juice along with either cool or warm water in order to get the best benefit. In addition, lemon juice squeezed out of three or four lemons also reduces the pain and decreases the blood flow due to excessive menstruation.

•    Helps in Skin Care: Enhancing

Being a natural antiseptic form of medicine, lemon cures various problems related to skin. It is very rich in vitamin C, which enhances the glow of the skin by rejuvenating the skin surface from within. Daily intake of lemon water can show drastic change in one’s skin appearance. This water treats anti-aging problems and removes blackheads and wrinkles. Burns appearing on the skin can also be treated with the help of lemon water.

•    Helps in weight loss process:

Lemon is a rich source of pectin fibre(fiber), which fights against hunger cravings. Thus, lemon water, consisting of lemon juice and lukewarm water, mixed with a little bit of honey burns calories in the body.

•    Controls high blood pressure:

This water made of lemon also treats various heart problems, as the potassium content in it is very high. Potassium controls dizziness, nausea, relaxes the mind and body, and reduces the high level of blood pressure.

•    Other benefits of lemon water include: assisting in respiratory disorders, acts as treatment for rheumatism, and blood purifier.

And from so many and various health benefits given above, we see that by drinking lemon water regularly, one can get the best natural remedies for various health-related ailments.

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