Four Common Dieting Mistakes That Bodybuilders Make

Jay Cutler
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If you have been keen enough, you most probably have realized the toil and sacrifice that people who want to build muscles go through. These muscles do not appear overnight meaning there is a great deal of work that goes into building them plus the time required. You need a com want to make things work.

Bodybuilding is more of a science that an art because there are rules and procedures established that you can follow in order to achieve the end result that you desire. There is however so many costly mistakes that people still make which in the long run hamper their plans to grow and build their muscles.

It is possible that we also commit the same mistakes on a daily basis but still fail to acknowledge that we are indeed committing them. These errors can easily slow down any muscle gain processes and fat loss plans. One of the ways to tell whether someone is improving their fitness or not is by looking at their fitness graphs. Most of them tend to hit the plateau phase where no tangible gain is realized. To prevent you from hitting the plateau phase and instead enjoy an ever progressive fitness curve, you need to avoid the following errors as much as possible.

1. Impatience

One of the common mistakes that bodybuilders make is dieting impatiently. There are no results that can be achieved overnight. Everything needs time to mature and become established. This impatience is what has led to the rise of opportunistic companies that purport to sell supplements that can give results instantly. Most of these supplements tend to have side effects and end up being harmful to the body. Jumping from one diet to the next without giving the diets time to take their natural course often leads to frustration. Scientific findings have it that any dietary change needs a time-frame of around 21 days for the first effects to start surfacing. You therefore need to give your diet ample time to prove its worth and just do some minimal tweaking where necessary.

2. Haphazard Eating

If you want to realize your goals as a body builder, you need to be very careful on your eating regime. You need to be careful on what you eat at the intervals and the frequency. Having random eating sessions does not in any way help you because such unpredictable food intakes cannot maintain a steady flow of nutrients throughout the body system. Building quality muscles requires a constant balance of positive nitrogen. Consistency is what will enable you to lose weight and build more muscles. You need to plan your meals and if possible eliminate the guess work by cooking your meals beforehand. Investing in cooked food storage facilities will help you manage your eating discipline.

3. Excessive Eating

There is always a temptation to add another serving all the time. After workouts most bodybuilders feel a strong craving for meals and if not careful, they can easily take in lots of food. This is detrimental and erodes every little gain that has been made in the course of the exercise duration. In as much as you need calories during training and exercise, having lots of these in excess of what your body needs can be very damaging. Every meal that you take needs to have a balance of the major nutrients and every once in a while, increase the calorie intake unexpectedly. At all costs, avoid excessive consumption of food.

4. Not Logging Calories and Macronutrients

Logging of calorie intake is a discipline that can easily allow you to control your body metabolism. If you lose count of your calorie intake you can easily cross the red line without knowing. It is generally a very tedious process tracking calories and bodybuilders tend to get tired or lazy and bored of logging in every bit of calorie that is taken. In addition to calories, you need to also log in macro nutrients. The values to be logged should include the time and the amount taken in. Your records need to be accurate as any miscalculations can amount to failure on the entire body building program.

If you can afford to take in some time and be a little bit patient on this, you can avoid most of these mistakes and in turn register amazing results.


Whitney Kern launched her career in the fitness industry in the year 1987. She was a victim of a severe eating disorder herself and through friends and the reading of resources that dealt with medicinal cures such as Phentramin-d she managed to overcome the disorder and went ahead to write books and journal articles on the same.

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