Eggplant health benefits – 5 important benefits for your health of eggplants.

The benefits of eggplant are very famous, as it is very popular for treating various kinds of illnesses and different kinds of diseases. Eggplants belong to the family of vegetables in which sweet potatoes and tomatoes are also included. They originated in India and were first cultivated in ancient China. They have a glossy beauty and are purple in color. They grow in a manner similar to that of tomatoes, i.e., they grow by hanging out from the vines of the plant that is several feet tall.

These vegetables are of the best quality from August to October, though they are generally available throughout the year. Eggplants vary a lot in their taste and texture. However, the general characteristics of the eggplants are that they are quite bitter in taste and are spongy in nature. Eggplants are also called by different names such as brinjal or melongene.

Eggplant Health Benefits

•    Prevention of cancer:

Eggplant prevents cancer, especially colon cancer. This is because eggplants have very rich fibre content, which is a porous nutrient. Because of this nature, it absorbs the toxins and the chemicals, which might provoke the outbreak of the colon cancer. It does so as it moves through the digestive tract of the body. It is due to this reason that people who want to reduce the chances of having colon cancer should include eggplant skin in their daily food as different researches have proven that the skin of this vegetable has more fibre than the actual vegetable itself.

•    Reduces cholesterol level:

Eggplant also affects cholesterol level. Various studies have shown that consuming the eggplant juice lowers cholesterol level in the artery walls and the aortas. People who drink this juice benefit from a better flow of blood because the walls of the blood vessels are relaxed. Thus, they enjoy a balanced level of cholesterol.

•    Helps against Type 2 diabetes: 

Eggplant treats and manages Type 2 diabetes because it is rich in fibre and low soluble carbohydrate. Studies have shown that the phenolic-rich  extracts of this vegetable inhibit the enzymes which provide a strong basis of biochemical nature by inducing proper control of glucose and reducing high blood pressure condition resulting from hypertension. In this way, eggplant helps in the Type 2 diabetes management.

•    Presence of anti-oxidants:

Eggplants are very rich in anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidant called nasunin guard the cells from the harmful effects of the toxic and free radicals, whereas, the anti-oxidant phenolic protects from different infections caused by bacteria and oxidative stress.

•    Controls weight:

Eggplants are devoid of any fat content and very rich in fibre, which gives a filling effect when the vegetable is consumed. Moreover, the calorie count is also very low. Thus, another factor of eggplant is that it controls weight

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