Health Benefits of Coconut

Coconut is an exotic fruit (not seed, or nut) that grows in large palm trees.

Coconut gets its name from the European sailors of the Vasco de Gama’s ships. The sailors saw the coconut with a spooky face due to its three dots, so they named it coco which means hobgoblin.

The coconut and its coconut water can be quite the healthy additions to your diet. Coconut has numerous properties that can help you stay healthy, and improve your health too.

Coconut isn’t only healthy, but delicious as well. It’s an exotic fruit which has become more and more popular by the day. Coconut is consumed because of its refreshing taste, exoticism and health aspects. It’s also an interesting looking fruit isn’t it?

In the past, this fruit has had a bad reputation as it was believed to have a high amount of unhealthy fats. Science has proven that belief wrong, and coconut has come back even stronger. It is now known that the fats in coconut are actually healthy fats good for your body and mind.

Let’s go back to the start, and see where coconut was discovered and how it grew to be the popular fruit it is today.

What’s The History of Coconut?

There was some controversy related to the history of coconut. Some researchers pinpointed its origin in South America, some in New Zealand, while others in India. However, genetic testing located coconut’s origins in India and Southeast Asia. Coconut is thought to have started being traded by Arab traders around 2 millennia ago.

We now have coconut palms spread throughout the world. You’ll find this tree– also called the “tree of life” growing in every subtropical and tropical climate. Your coconut might be coming from South Asia, Central and South American, or Africa.  It’s probably going to bring a sense of the continent it’s coming from. As all fruits hold the spirit of the land they grow in.

Health Benefits of Coconut

Now that we’ve had a look at what coconut and what its history is, it’s about time we went on to see its many health benefits.

Keeps Your Weight In Check

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Coconut is such a refreshing fruit. It’s crazy to think at one point it was thought to be full of unhealthy fats.

In the past, people thought if you ate coconut, you put yourself at risk for heart problems and weight gain. Science has cleared coconut’s reputation though, and now coconut is back to its natural healthy self.

Coconut has medium chain fatty acids. What does this mean? These type of fatty acids are actually healthy for you. Your body metabolizes them immediately into ready-made energy for your entire body and mind.

This is important if you want to lose weight because with medium chain fats you’ll have fewer fats stored and more fats burned. One study concluded that medium chain fats could, in fact, be a great tool for keeping your weight in check.

Helps With Digestion

Coconut is really good at keeping your digestive system on track. It takes care of you and your gut. This exotic fruit’s medium chain fats will help you digest the fruit and following meals.

Coconut is also a great fruit for more serious digestive problems such as leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome or just an upset stomach. Have yourself some of this fresh and exotic fruit and ease your digestion or bring some relief to your stomach problems.

Makes You Feel Full

Coconut contains a high amount of dietary fiber. This will help you feel full, and not binge eat or overeat.

One cause of weight gain is eating processed foods that make you feel hungry shortly after you’ve eaten them since they lack healthy nutrients. This just sends you back in the kitchen eating again and filling up on calories, but not on vitamins and minerals.

Coconut and coconut milk, oil or water will not give you this problem. They will make you feel full and provide all the needed nutrients.

Improves Cholesterol

Coconut and coconut water can really help you with your cholesterol issues. Coconut has a way of lowering your triglyceride levels or “bad” cholesterol and raising your “good” cholesterol.

One study on coconut and cholesterol proved how coconut has a cholesterol-lowering effect. We can safely say coconut is good for you, your health and your cholesterol. Don’t worry and have yourself a healthy serving of coconut any time you feel like it or when your body asks for it.

Boosts Your Immune System

Coconut is full of so many healthy nutrients. It has and offers potassium, proteins, fiber, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium and Vitamins A, D, and B. All of these vitamins and minerals will keep your immunity running at its best. A powerful immune system will lure away most diseases, and can even fight against genetic ones.

Energizes You

If you exercise moderately, drinking coconut water after your workout may be all that you need to feel hydrated and energized. Coconut water contains a lot of potassium, 600 mg per cup, about 175 mg more than a banana and 13 times more than an energy drink.

Coconut water is great for serious or professional athletes and weekend warriors. It is also great for anyone looking to feel refreshed and energized throughout the day.

If you feel depleted and unmotivated at your office job – grab some coconut water and you’ll feel and work better. If you’re having a lazy day and need something to pick you up? Coconut water might be exactly what you need.

How Do I Pick The Right Coconut?

You can find mature and young coconuts in most stores. The young coconut is large in size, with a fine green shell and will have a lot of water inside. The mature coconut is smaller, with a brown hairy exterior and will have more meat and less water than the young one. It all depends on what you are looking from it.

How Do I Open a Coconut?

You will need a screwdriver and a large knife, a bit of carefulness and an appetite for the coconut. To first get to the water of the coconut, hammer the screwdriver into a few holes at one end of the coconut. You can pour out the water in a glass, or drink directly from it with a large straw.

Once you’ve taken the coconut water out, take the knife and hammer a line into it until it splits. It should crack in half when you do this. From here you can slice the coconut meat off it.

Alternatively, you can get kits specially designed for opening coconuts with ease.

Otherwise, you can go all primitive on it and smash into it. We recommend you be careful when doing this though!


The coconut has proven itself to be a truly great fruit. Coconut is truly amazing with its healing properties for our digestive system, abilities to boost our immune system. and ways to energize us.

Don’t miss out on this exotic and refreshing fruit and its water. You won’t regret it.

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