Health Benefits Of Carrots – Eight Reasons Why You Simply Cannot Ignore This Root Vegetable

Are carrots the ultimate food? They just might be.

They are extremely good looking, scrumptious and easy to cook. You can boil them, sauté them, steam them or bake them. You can also find simple or complicated recipes with carrots as the main ingredient in the main dish, or as a side dish.

Or how about you just munch down on a carrot? Bugs Bunny style?

Did we mention they’re packed with healthy nutrients that really make your health boom? Carotenoids, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals and much more! All part of the composition of carrots. What are all these nutrients good for? Read on and find out more!

How About A Short History Of Carrots First?

Carrots (or Daucus Carota in Latin) are part of the Apiaceae root vegetable family. Carrots were actually used in the beginning for medical purposes, and then, later on, started being used as food. What we know is that carrots were cultivated in Europe before the 10th century.

They weren’t orange to begin with, but they were white, yellow, red, purple and very dark purple colors. Orange is the color of the modern carrot – developed in the 15th and 16th centuries.

All the cultivation and history lead to a vegetable that helps prevent cancer, aging, sight loss and much more.

The Many Health Benefits Of Carrots:

The carrot has a lot of different nutrients all working on different parts of your body. Either keeping them in shape, improving them or healing them.

Vision Improvement

Talk of the town says that carrots are good for your eyes. Well that talk is also backed by science. Carrots are proven to keep your vision healthy and/or improve its quality.

The reason why carrots work so well on your eyes is because they have a high amount of Vitamin A. A vitamin on which your eyes survive and thrive on. If you lack vitamin A, your eyesight might decrease and even degrade.

Another component of carrots is beta-carotene.  It is what your body turns into even more Vitamin A. Carrots really try their best at keeping your sight working close to perfection.

Electrolytic Balance

Electrolytes are minerals with an electric charge. They’re responsible for several processes in your body, including balancing the water in your body. They also balance your body’s pH levels.

More than that, they’re the carriers of nutrients in your cells. And they are the garbage men of your body – taking out waste out of your cells. All your nerves, muscles, and your heart and brain depend on electrolytes to work as expected.

Carrots are packed in electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium. When you have enough carrots in your diet, you’re making sure everything in your body runs well.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Carrots are even valuable in the realm of cardiovascular treatments. Carrots are full of carotenoids antioxidants such as anthocyanidins and hydroxycinnamic acids. These are two strong antioxidants that fight against free radicals. They do this by promoting oxygen-rich blood flow to all your organs.

On top of that, carrots contain polyacetylenes – falcarindiol and falcarinol. These two nutrients help to keep red blood cells unclogged. Why is this important? Clogged red cells are a cause of heart damage. Another study showed that eating orange vegetables – including carrots – lowers your risk of Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) by around 32%.

Gastrointestinal Health

Another of the health benefits of carrots is that carrots are an extraordinary source of fiber. They are best eaten raw as that is how they release most of their nutrients. Though when cooked, they still preserve a lot of nutrients as well. These root vegetables contribute to a healthy and well-functioning gut.

The digestive system needs fiber for it to work properly. With enough fiber and a healthy doses of probiotics, you can prevent and treat leaky gut. Carrots are good for more minor digestive issues as well.

If you put carrots in your daily diet, you will greatly reduce your chance of spastic colon or constipation.

Women’s Health

The irregular menstrual cycle can be a quite troublesome and huge cause of discomfort for young women. A study has proved that daily consumption of carrots has properties that can help with this matter.

Besides helping with regulating the menstrual cycle, carrots also enrich breast milk with a lot of healthy nutrients. Doctors recommend lactating mothers to eat regularly leafy and root vegetables such as carrots. They help provide the baby with a lot of healthy nutrients needed for his or her growth.

Stronger Immune System

Vegetables and fruits, in general, are a pot of antioxidants. Carrots aren’t the exception! These colored vegetables provide plenty of these healthy substances. There is also scientific talk on the antioxidants in carrots being powerful weapons against certain cancers. Even more, they also reduce inflammation and help with inflammatory-related diseases.

All in all, carrots are incredible food for your immune system. They keep at bay numerous diseases and, as you can see, help reduce others.

Liver and Kidney Protection

Other parts of your body that carrots protect are your kidneys and liver. Carrots don’t just keep these internal organs healthy. They also protect them against acute injuries from outside toxins. Carrots fight against both liver acute injuries and kidney acute injuries. It’s all in their antioxidant and Vitamin A power which repairs the damage of free radicals.

Fights Cancer

Last but not least, carrots are a powerful tool against cancer. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of these orange colored root vegetables.

One study showed evidence that carrots are associated with a lower risk of breast cancer, though more research is needed. The benefits of carrots against cancer don’t stop here. Another study linked Vitamin A with a lower risk of lung cancer in smokers.

More Than Just A Colorful Vegetable

Aren’t carrots just one of the healthiest foods in the world? Besides all the above-mentioned nutrients and health benefits, carrots are packed with other vitamins as well. Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, K, and E can all be found in carrots. Add to these some biotin, manganese, and phosphorus and that’s a carrot.

But carrots aren’t just extremely protective of your health. They’re also simple foods to cook and help keep your weight in check. You won’t have to worry about putting on pounds, even if you have them daily.

Make sure to buy strong and bright colored carrots. If you weren’t aware, the more orange the carrot, the more beta-carotene it has. Even though most people recommend that you eat them raw, the beta-carotene in this root vegetable is resistant to heat. This means that even when cooked it’s still preserved. Just don’t overdo it.

There you have it, all the wonderful benefits of carrots. Add them regularly in your diet among other fruits and vegetables and you’re all set for a healthy life.

Keep your eyes, immune system, kidney, liver, and menstrual cycle strong with healthy eating of carrots. Not to mention, keep cancer risks low with their help. Healthy, delicious and good for your weight… what more could you ask for?

If you feel this article has taught you plenty about carrots and their health benefits, spread the knowledge! A share can reach many others.

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