Carrot Health Benefits – Six Reasons Why You Simply Cannot Ignore This Root Vegetable.

Carrots sliced and diced along with greens serve as a great salad dish by itself. Add in a few radishes and some flavoring and you get an exotic salad.

Or, you could have it like Bugs Bunny did, munch down on an entire carrot stick.

Either way, the beta carotene in the root vegetable should do you and your family a world of good.


The Many Benefits Of Carrots In Promoting Better Health


Much of carrot’s health benefits can be credited to the vegetable’s fiber and beta carotene content. The most prominent advantages with respect to wellness of the crunchy root vegetable are discussed below:

1.Vision Improvement – Carrots seem to have a direct impact on vision quality. Your eyes in general and the retina in particular need vitamin-A to function properly. The deficiency of the vitamin in the body results in a derogatory effect known as night blindness, which effectively reduces the capacity of your eyes to see in dim light conditions. Carrots contain a component called beta-carotene in plentiful quantity. This in turn acts as a raw material for your body to derive vitamin A.

2. Electrolytic Balance – Your body requires a healthy balance of sodium and potassium for fluid movement in and out of cells. While the sodium requirement gets fulfilled from the ready availability of table salt, potassium gets lost out in the process. In the absence of electrolytic imbalance, the incidence of health conditions such as hypertension, kidney disorders, heart disease and even diabetes become an imminent possibility. Consuming healthy amounts of carrots on a daily basis reinstates this much needed electrolytic balance and prevents the onset of associative physical complications.

3. Cardiovascular Benefits – Aggregate analysis of various carrot based studies in the recent past clearly focus on two specific chemical components that can promote cardiovascular (relating to the heart and blood vessels) health. First, you have antioxidants such as carotenoids, anthocynindins and hydroxycinnamic acids that remove free radicals and thereby ensure oxygen rich blood continues to flow into the organs. Secondly, polyacetylenes like falcarindiol and falcarinol prevent the bunching up(clogging) effect of red blood cells, especially since the latter is responsible for a number of heart related defects.

4. Dental Health – Carrots contain nutrients that are known to selectively target harmful germs residing in your mouth. As such, eating raw carrots is considered a good dental practice as it averts tooth decay.

5. Gastrointestinal Health – Being a root vegetable, carrots have a lot of dietary fiber in them. When eaten raw, these vegetables release a lot of chemicals into the digestive system, and along with the fiber content the resulting effect translates to better digestive efficiency. In addition, carrots naturally stimulate saliva production in the mouth and therefore initiate efficient breakdown of food even before it enters the stomach. It is for these and many other reasons that carrot juice has been used as a vermicide, laxative and natural treatment for liver conditions in the past.

6. Women’s Health – Irregular menstrual cycle is a pain for young women. Studies have proved that daily consumption of carrots may provide some relief in this matter. Nevertheless, what is a proven fact is that carrots make for an excellent breast milk ingredient given the vegetable’s nutrient diversity and richness. That is why lactating mothers advised to increase their consumption of leafy and root vegetables for the entire period that they are breast feeding.

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