Caffeine headache, caffeine withdrawal, effects of caffeine on the body and its role in headache appearance.

Main symptoms of Caffeine overdose diagram

Consumption of high doses of caffeine can cause caffeine headache. You can feel these headaches in the eyelids. At times, they may be mild, whereas other times, they may be very severe. Caffeine induces numerous kinds of effects in the body as it is used as stimulant, increases the heartbeat rate, and constricts blood vessels. A higher dose of caffeine can cause headache or other side effects.

Using Caffeine as a Treatment

Many medical practitioners say that caffeine can treat headaches and migraines. More often than not, consuming a caffeinated beverage can relieve your headache. Because caffeine is not usually consumable by itself, still a mystery lies as to whether it is the caffeine itself or the ingredients in the medicine or the beverage in which the caffeine is mixed.

This caffeine-induced headache also happens when someone reduces his or her consumption of caffeine, which was previously a part of his or her regular diet. This is known as caffeine withdrawal.

Caffeine Withdrawal

One of the most common causes of this kind of headache is caffeine withdrawal. This happens when a person already addicted to caffeine suddenly reduces its consumption drastically. For most people, this headache caused by caffeine withdrawal occurs only when they have been consuming 500 mg. of caffeine a day. This comes to round about five cups of coffee. The source is not important but the quantity is. Now, if the person suddenly intakes lesser caffeine and his or her body does not get its regular dose of caffeine, he or she will suffer from headache.

Studies have proven that the cure for this kind of headache due to withdrawal from caffeine is to consume caffeine. However, it poses a problem for people who are trying to quit this drug altogether. The best way to minimize this headache is to reduce the intake of caffeine by following a gradual process and not drastically.

Other Caffeine Headaches

Besides the above-mentioned headaches, two other kinds of caffeine headache exist – Rebound headaches or Medication overuse headache and headaches from excessive caffeine consumption.

Rebound headaches: These types of headaches happen because of increased doses of painkillers and other different types of related medicines. These medications may or may not contain caffeine. The over-dosage of painkillers along with caffeine increases the chance of suffering from the rebound headaches or medication overuse headaches.

This happens when the level of the caffeine and the painkiller reduces in a person’s blood. One can avoid such headaches by consuming moderate level of these medications. Moreover, taking peppermint tea, drinking lots of water, getting good amount of rest and a massage also seems to help.

Headaches from excessive caffeine consumption: Studies have shown that when one consumes food before consuming caffeine, the food acts as a cushion for absorption of the caffeine and prevents the chances of developing a headache from too much consumption of caffeine. Moreover, reducing the quantity of caffeine consumption also proves to be helpful for such a headache.

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