An Effective Fitness Guide for Adult Men

Why do men exercise? Let me count the reasons. Achieving better health tops the list. Men exercise because they want to be healthy. Research shows that when a person regularly engages in physical activity such as exercise he is actually doing himself a favor. Every hour you invest in exercising will not be put to waste as this lowers your risk of getting diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

Another good reason why men have a predilection for exercise is to build muscle. They spend long hours at the gym lifting weights just to bulk up. Men also spend time exercising for the sole purpose of weight loss. Tons of calories are burned during exercise and if you couple it with a healthy, balanced diet you’ll speed up the weight loss process.

Last but definitely not the least is self-esteem and well-being. Men exercise simply because it helps them feel good about themselves and it gives them a sense of well-being. Exercise promotes good blood circulation and tissue perfusion so all the tissues and cells in your body will be efficiently nourished with oxygen and nutrients.

Now that we’ve proven our point let’s now go to exercise recommendations intended for men. If you visit a gym and have your body appraised by a professional fitness trainer they will show you a tailor-made list of exercises suitable for your body type, muscle mass and skeletal structure. This article will not elaborate on the reasons behind the differences but rather will highlight the exercises appropriate for adult men.

For Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal then we suggest you familiarize yourself with several cardio exercises. There is a wide range of cardio activities you can choose from. Basketball when done in fifteen minutes allows you to burn 171 calories, when done in 30 minutes you’ll lose 342 calories and if you hit one hour you’ll burn 684 calories. To be able to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit. Another type of cardio is boxing. When done in fifteen minutes you’ll lose 165 calories, in thirty minutes its 330 calories and in an hour you’ll lose 660 calories.

If you undergo circuit training for fifteen minutes you’ll lose 189 calories, in thirty minutes you’ll lose 378 calories and in an hour you’ll shed off 756 calories all in all. Also a good thirty to forty five minute jog every day can make a whole lot of difference in your waistline.

For Building Muscle

Exercises for building muscle are different from exercises made for weight loss. There are specific exercises intended for each muscle group but it is important to know that when you work all your muscles up during training more hormones will be produced (norepinephrine and epinephrine) and this in turn will stimulate muscle growth.

Five sets of bench press are enough for muscle growth and flexibility. Squats, deadlifts, rows, pull-ups and rows also help build muscle. You should also limit the time you spend in doing cardio if you wish to build muscle because cardio is intended to burn fats and can limit muscle growth. It is not enough to know the types of exercise you need, you also have to confer with your trainer on the number of repetitions as well as the timing to perfect your muscle building exercise.

Both these exercises are beneficial for men who wish to lose weight and those who desire to build muscle. Try to consult with a professional trainer for best results because although these exercises are generalized for adult men, a more specific, bespoke exercise program is always far better.

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