8 Habit-Forming Tips for Drinking Enough Water

Lemon Drinking Water

Are you drinking enough water? Water not only keeps our bodies hydrated; it helps maintain alertness, optimize organ functioning, cleanse us of toxins, and support countless other health-promoting benefits.

Put simply, water is life, and how much water you drink affects the quality of your life experience. Since dehydration is surprisingly common – causing sluggishness, headaches, fatigue, dry skin, and other symptoms – we recommend implementing any or all of the following habit-forming tips to stay hydrated with ease.

1. Start Each Day with A Glass of Water

Drinking water first thing in the morning will kickstart your metabolism and help awaken your entire body and mind. Since you don’t drink any water when sleeping, your body gradually dehydrates during the night. This is also why you may wake up with a dry mouth on occasion. Help mitigate this problem by setting a glass of water by your bedside each night and drinking it as soon as you wake in the morning.

2. Drink Before Each Meal

Man Drinking WaterHaving a glass of water before each meal is a great way to stay hydrated and improve your health. Not only does this amp up your water intake, drinking water before each meal will also prevent overeating and could therefore promote weight loss. Try it next time you’re eating out: enjoy a glass of water while waiting for your food to arrive.

3. Refill When Empty

Whether at a restaurant, work, or home, keep a cup or bottle for water nearby and make a habit to refill it whenever it’s empty. If there’s always a container of water within reach, you’ll be inclined to sip from it, eventually without having to think about it. As an added benefit, standing to refill your cup several times a day will naturally increase your level of physical activity.

4. Match Other Drinks with Water

Although only drinking water would be a great way to keep your intake high, we all enjoy an alternative beverage now and again. Whether you’re having a coffee, beer, soda, or whatever your drink of choice may be, create the habit of matching every non-water drink with a glass of water to boost your hydration levels. The extra fluids will help curb hunger and offset the dehydrating effects of drinks like coffee and alcohol.

5. Add Fruit for Fun Infusions

A common reason for underconsumption claims water is bland, flavorless, and boring.  If you’ve felt that way, try adding a handful of your favorite fruit to a glass of water. A squeeze of lemon juice has been shown to dramatically improve the benefits of water, and a few raspberries or cucumber slices can go a long way to making you feel fancy and healthy while drinking your daily dose of H2O. Eat the fruit at the end of your glass and you’ve done another good by upgrading your fruit intake!

Woman drinking water from water cooler

6. Drink It When You See It

You’re walking in the mall and notice a water fountain. You’ve just passed the water cooler at work. You’re on a drive and notice a river. Whenever and wherever you notice water, take that as a cue to drink some. While it may not always be convenient to stop and have a drink when driving by the lake, build the habit of taking that mental note and checking in with your hydration level. When did you last wet your whistle?

7. Keep Track

Keeping track of your behavior is a fantastic way to self-correct when you’re off course or feel accomplished when you’re doing well. Apps like Lifesum and My Water will remind you to drink water throughout the day and give you little nudges of appreciation when you do. It’s nice to know that you’re on the right track, so download an app that will help support your healthy water habit today.

8. Say Yes to Water

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There are many instances where you may be offered a drink or a glass of water: at a restaurant, a nice salon or spa, a friend’s house, a meeting. Whenever someone offers you a drink, say yes to water. That way, the water is in your hand and you’ll feel compelled to drink it!

This is especially helpful because we may not carry our personal water bottle to certain places – like job interviews or spa days – and having the instinct to say yes when water is offered will compensate for any missed drinks in your day. Drinking water will fuel your energy and keep you alert for the next activity.

In Conclusion

Although we know the importance of drinking enough water, it’s easy to simply forget about it as the day goes along. With these habits, you can infuse your day with little reminders to keep hydrating no matter what’s going on around you. Use these tips to increase your water intake and look forward to clean energy, clear skin, a healthy body, and the many other benefits of being properly hydrated.

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