6 Tips For Choosing High Quality Essential Oils

Essential Oil With Lavender Flower And Seasalt

Not everyone thinks it’s important to choose high-quality essential oils. And others simply don’t know how to ensure that the essential oils they purchase are truly good quality oils.  I’m here to tell you that for the best results, the essential oils you purchase must be high quality, as well as safe!

Essential oils shouldn’t be taken lightly. They should be treated as powerful medicines that can heal so many things.

High-quality essential oils are very important because these are products that we are putting on our skin or diffusing and breathing through the air into our lungs. The oils actually bypass the body’s natural protective mechanisms. Then, they absorb directly into our bloodstream. If you choose essential oils that are low quality, they may be unsafe and you might actually be doing your body more harm than good.

In this post, I will give you six tips on how to choose true, high quality essential oils.

Pay Attention to the Price Difference

Think about this- flowers that are harder to come by, or that need more flower buds to make the oils will be more expensive. For example, roses cost more than lavender flowers. Also, 60 roses will produce less essential oils than 60 lavender buds. Because of this, lavender oil will obviously be cheaper than rose oil.

If you are finding certain essential oils (like rose) as cheap as lavender, it is likely not a high-quality oil. Try to compare prices before you make a purchase. I love a good deal as much as the next person, but I do not put price before quality when it comes to essential oils and my body.

Look for the Botanical Name

Rose Essential Oil And Pink RoseMost high-quality essential oil manufacturers will call their product by its botanical name instead of its common name. One example of this is lavender. The botanical name for lavender is “Lavandula”. An essential oil manufacturer of high-quality oils will either name their oils “Lavandula”, or will be sure to reference this somewhere on the description.

When shopping for essential oils, look for oils with the botanical name on the labels.

Notice How It’s Manufactured

Clients should be told by the manufacturer how their products are created. For example, some essential oil companies will describe how they distill their oils such as steam distilled, or if by another method like cold-pressing. If a company isn’t willing to tell you about the manufacturing of their product, they are likely not very proud of their methods.

Buying steam distilled essential oils are a great way to ensure high quality of the oils. Steam distilled is best when it comes to essential oil production methods.  Steaming captures the essence of plants the best. The oils distilled into a separate container are just the essence of the plant without additives. This makes them the purest.

This might affect the price also because it takes a lot of plants to make a small amount of oil with this method. This brings me to my next tip.

Choose Essential Oils that are 100% Pure

Essential Oils And mMedical Flowers Herbs

Manufacturers of oils will sometimes add ingredients to their oils in order to dilute them down and lower the cost of making the oils. They might choose to add water or other ingredients to the essential oils. They do this because the methods for obtaining the pure oil is very time and cost consuming.

For example, with steam-distilled oils, it takes a lot of plants to produce little amounts of pure oil. The manufacturer will sometimes add water when packaging to save costs. That is how they make up for the cost difference from what they are charging you.

To avoid choosing diluted down essential oils, read all ingredients and only buy 100% pure oils.

Only Buy Organic Essential Oils

Shop Great Certified USDA Organic Oils at Plant Therapy!This is a fairly simple tip. This basically means that you want to buy from manufacturers that only use organically grown plants to produce their essential oils. These companies use plants grown without pesticides and harsh chemicals, and will be even safer for you and your body!

The oils produced by non-organic plants have a higher concentration of harsh chemicals than the original plant themselves. You do not want these pollutants going anywhere near your body.

Ensure The Producer Is Partnered with Quality Affiliations and Memberships

When researching the essential oil manufacturer, take note of whether or not they claim to associate with any company or association, such as NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy).

Most high-quality essential oil manufacturers want their clients to know that they partner with companies who care about the essential oil industry, what they produce, how they produce it, etc. Not all companies will proudly advertise their affiliations. Those who do likely know that these associations do not back up their high-quality oil promise.

There you have it! In this article, you have six tips on how to choose high-quality essential oils. Refer to this list the next time you go shopping for oils, and always choose those with the highest quality available to you. Essential oils must be taken seriously. Anything that will be going on or near your body should be of the highest quality and provide the best protection for you and your family.

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