10 Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Dust Mites!

dust mite microscopic image

The millions of tiny mites that are lurking in your home are leading cause of respiratory allergies. They live on your bed, pillows, mattress, furniture upholstery, carpets… The main cause of allergies is a specific protein found in their feces which they produce while feeding with fallen pieces of skin and other particles that the normal house dust is made from.

 Here are 10 tips to get rid of them and limit their spread in the house!

Do you know that one gram of dust contains 2000 mites? Or that a used mattress can contain 1.5 million mites? Probably not. However, these little beasts that invade our homes represent the leading cause of respiratory allergies. Make sure you get rid of them especially if you suffer from any kind of allergies, so you will avoid getting diseases or worsen the conditions you already have!

Here are 10 useful tips to get rid of dust mites:

1.  Reduce the humidity of your home by installing dehumidifiers.
2.  Do not heat the bedrooms more than 18 ° C.
3.  Sanitize the “shells” of the mites: use pillows and mattress with anti-mite covers. Prefer a mattress that supports battens.
4.  Remove rugs and carpets for the benefit of hard floors (parquet flooring, lino…)
5.  Seal your furniture with furniture dressers.
6.  Ventilate all rooms in your housing everyday for at least 30 minutes, even (and especially) in winter.
7.  Wash the bedding (sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers) to over 60 ° C.
8.  Put the plush toys in the freezer for 24 hours to eliminate dust mites.
9.  Every week, use a vacuum cleaner with a filter of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA filter 13 or 14).
10. Wash comforters, pillows, and blankets once per year.

Watch the video bellow for an example of the many uncomfortable responses that one may have in case of allergy to dust mites:

In the end, dust mites aren’t directly dangerous for your health, because we have been living with them thousands of years in our homes and they will not cause any serious health condition ( except the the allergies related to them and depending on the severity of the allergies one can develop), so just make sure you regularly clean your house and use the tips listed above.

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  1. Christy Garrett Uplifting Families April 25, 2014 1:59 am Reply

    Great tips and suggestions. I think we are going to put hardwood or laminate flooring down soon.

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